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Common Poker Mistakes

Never Show Your Cards
O mnie
Common Poker Mistakes

Poker is a card game, which requires a bit of knowledge. Without it, playing might be extra hard, especially when your opponents know the rules very well. Below you can find the most common mistakes committed while playing poker – mostly when you are beginning your journey with this game. Even thought it’s not strictly a poker advice, you should avoid talking too much at the table. The most experienced poker players agree, that it’s highly unrecommended to go into small talk with your opponents. Firstly, it might be a distraction for you. Secondly, you expose yourself. If you are a beginner (and you probably are, since you’re reading this article), you can be sure, that your more experienced opponents will read you like an open book. By talking too much, you show other players, how you react, talk and behave when you are nervous and while at ease.


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